One-Year Campaign

Our bread-and-butter, this service option provides a full year of stories with the option of launching a city-focused podcast. 

One year content campaign

This campaign features anywhere from 52 stories(one a week) to 104 stories (two a week), shining a light on the people doing amazing things in your community.  

We’ll work with you to establish what stories you want covered, and then we’ll take of the rest: conducting interviews, transcribing and editing them and taking the portraits and other photos. with photos, and can also include using the recorded interviews to create a locally-focused podcast. 

We create all the content and supply it to you in a neat, organized folder to make it easy to post. 

Additionally, all the content is yours to use however you’d like for free (no license fees!), forever: websites, presentations, print marketing material, etc. 

specific needs


Already have a great team in place but want some help in a certain area? Working with a more limited budget? 

Our content sprints are day-long “missions” with the goal to collect as much content as we can for you in a given area. Content sprints can be mixed-and-matched. For example, you can contract us for two days of photo sprints and then a podcast sprint. 

If you’re located outside of Michigan, we request a two-day minimum booking. 

Photo + Story Sprint

We'll do the photos and interviews for, on average, 10 stories. All the writing and photos can be used for whatever you'd like: websites, etc.

Photo Sprint

Looking to create a stockpile of photos to use for various purposes? Photo sprints are for you. We'll spend the day collecting portraits, street photography, behind-the-scenes shots, drone shots...whatever you need!

Podcast Sprint

We'll host and produce a city-focused podcast for you! You choose the guests and we'll do the rest. We can do anything from just a pilot season to a full, year-long podcast campaign.

Story Sprint

Already have great photographers at your disposal? With this service option we'll conduct the interviews, write the stories, and then provide them to you to pair with your own photos.

the goods

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To request a proposal or for information:

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